Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Runny Noses and Sweaty Brows

I think I just gave myself a heart attack.

My daughter and I haven't heard back from our neighbor in Simpson. I had a long day "on" with students, some of whom are very needy, and some who plagiarized research papers. Now I need to write the remainder of my critical paper on an academic tome by Jaroslav Pelikan. All together, this sends me to the kitchen for "relaxation." That means I become potions master, testing and trying combinations of salty and sweet and savory. In this case, my favorite salad: Braised lettuce with Braggs Liquid Aminos, warm olive oil, crushed Japones chiles and onion powder.

Then I got the idea to mix the remainder of the chiles, which are medium-hot to hot-hot, with crystallizing honey from the local vendor. My nose was running, my brow dripping with sweat, my teeth gummy with heat and sweet.

I'm back, still avoiding an academic paper, but mopped up. I'm waiting to hear if anyone will have mercy on me and spy on my old neighbor before I try calling and emailing and facebook again. I don't want her to feel I'm stalking her, but she's had surgery. She's on her own. She's taking pity on a kid who needs a whole network of supports. Her brother just died recently. She's got grief to spare. And it's a festal season. It's my anecdotal experience that God calls back many of his children at joyous feast times. We are left, trying to remember that resurrection is on their side, even if there is a sudden blankness here.

Today, I am thankful for
Emily Kirk: author and illustrator extraordanaire

  1. The Resurrection of the dead. May God make Mike Egnotovich, Mikey Hoffman, and Jay Benson's memory eternal. He called them back during this Advent and Theophany season.
  2. Chiles. To warm a person up.
  3. Bhut Joloka. It really is crazy delicious.
  4. Well water. It usually beats city water for good guzzling. I had some last night. I miss it.
  5. The wild country.
  6. Warm days in the middle of winter.
  7. Sun in an Indiana January
  8. That my mother-in-law is home from the hospital today.
  9. Tomie DePaola books, especially about saints and Scripture!
  10. Students who illustrate what it feels like to be a little kid again, the crown of the head on the ground, the body draped off the couch, and the wonderment of walking on the ceiling in your mind.
  11. Free music.
  12. Cool husbands.
  13. Long runs, though I have been denied this for over six weeks, but who's counting?
  14. The sacrament of confession. Even preparing for it makes me giddy.
  15. Hot sauce. 'Cause if I'm not a rabbit, eating leafy greens, I'm "turning into hot sauce" as my daughter told me today. 

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