Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thanks, but no thanks

Things I woke up Thankful for

  1. Daily Scriptures posted on Ancient Faith Radio
  2. The excitement of seeing Lydia today
  3. The chance to meet up with a former student, James, for book shopping and meeting important folk in his world.
  4. Unexpected good essays that dig out of my fingertips and mind, where I didn't know they lay
  5. I will be almost home in 48 hours, God Willing!
  6. Students who make awesome origami gifts!

 Things I Don't Need to Want

  1. A house any larger than what I have. I could downscale happily. Less cleaning.
  2. A cruise to anywhere with San anywhere or Caribbean. I am thrilled to do missions instead of fancified vacations.
  3. A motorized toothbrush. Think of all the calories I would not be burning without the vigorous up and down scrubbing.
  4. A gun. I can hardly handle kitchen knives. Lord knows what I would do with a gun! Shoot an artichoke in the heart?
  5. A bigger car. I drove 12 hours on one tank of gas, my friends. Love me a small camry.
  6. A Pedicure. Turns out, I don't have toe-nails. Footrubs from the hubby come with more value: love quotient high, cost to bank account, zero.
  7. Squawking Boxes
  8. Talking Heads on 24 hours visual networks
  9. Possessing beauty, instead of just enjoying it wherever it turns up!

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