Thursday, January 17, 2013

DoubleTime Part 1

Due to unexpected joys, I returned home one day early. It required a complete overhaul of my day, but it was oh, so worth it. Today, I will attempt to make up some missed Thanksgivings!

  1. Days beginning to stretch out again.
  2. The joy of new books, especially a St. John Maxomovitch on Veneration of the Mother of GOd
  3. The satisfied feeling when I finish a book
  4. The elation of a good essay
  5. Beans. They even make really good GF brownies! I just made some yummy blondies with a bit of cornmeal, butter beans, imitation almond flavoring, ghee, soda, an egg, brown sugar, and mace.
  6. Herbs De Provence on salad greens with olive oil, red wine vinegar, smoked salt and garlic
  7. Lemongrass Thai Gree Chili soup
  8. A rainbow of flavors, even in just the variety of peppers I enjoyed today- Crushed red pepper, bhut jokala, chipotle, ancho, japones, paprika, green sweet peppers and jalapenos. God loves variety.
  9. Spending the afternoon doing the bulk of planning creative writing, including listing some of my favorite books. See my efforts? I'm happy!
  10. Listening to Chimimanda Adiche

  11. Listening to Anne Lamott

  12. Listening to Anis Mojani

  13. Listening to Donald Miller 

  14. Laughing with Key and Peele

  15. Listening to Sarah Kay on TED Talks

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