Sunday, January 20, 2013

Looking back, and forward

Greg working on the St. Maria House.
The annual all-parish meeting today followed the coffee hour. The nave was full throughout the service, and for the first time in a while, I was in most of the service. This was a treat because I thought I wouldn't even make it out of bed to church. Somehow, the sense of icky-sicky went away and we braved the nineteen degrees for a sunny walk to Liturgy. I love those, even the chilly ones.

After liturgy, I enjoyed talking balsamic vinegars, green leafy veggies, olive oils, and religious teachings with Chris and Julie. It was a treat because usually I hide in the kitchen, giving myself jobs like serving and dishes.

It was a long, but pain free meeting, which makes me wonder how hard it must be in parishes where people don't enjoy each other's company so much. We are a raucous bunch, with kids lolly-gagging on the open floor while parents munch the meal. Somehow there is always plenty.

I am so thankful
Jonathan who serves with Fr. Joel
1. the variety of people I know, who are learners, farmers, home-schoolers, public-schoolers, gardeners, servers at the local missions.
2. the beauty of the Lord's house, tended by folks who grow our flowers, mow our lawns, manage the books and actually do not fight to be on the parish council, but are also willing to serve as needed.
3. all the babies and toddlers yucking it up
4. the abundance of young men serving with my husband
5. the bursts of laughter from the teenagers playing Quelf and Apples to Apples during the all parish meeting
6. Ann making sure our kids don't overdo the sugar
7. Ann who made sure we don't waste paper products every week,
Robbie, another ninja altar server
8. the folks who do the dishes, because the common task leads to new alchemies, new conversations
9. for seeing the smile that comes when a dream is no longer deferred, even if the dream is just having one's parents and siblings come for a weekend.
10. for people who wait patiently, knowing that a good idea today is still a good idea in two weeks, like dealing with crises in the Church
11. for women who do not gadfly about, teaching me to be more still, more present, more attentive
12. big families. I came from one, and when I'm not with them, the church is mine.
Andrew, who serves, and also teaches 
13. folks who are educating my son.
14. Wendell's Berry's idea of donated haircuts in Jayber Crow, cause donation support often leads to more miracles.
15. little boys who say their dad is their favorite thing to look at.

Twas a good Sunday at church. Thanks be to God.
And, yes, we need more pictures. These are linked from, the church website.

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