Saturday, January 19, 2013

Knit Bone

Comfrey, please help, as all the naturopathic and medical sources seem to suggest you will
It is called knitbone. Did you know that? It seems so biblical.

Warm sunny walks alongside my husband

Hot tea, any tea, but my favorites are green or rooibos chai and aztec chili (Yogi tea brands).

Ginger, to comfort the stomach. I often bring it home pickled, dried and fresh. The folks at the international market must think I'm on a ginger bender.

Cinnamon. I made a dairy free whip and put on three kinds of cinnamon, common, ceylon and saigon. Delicious. Do you know how many kinds there are? Not as many as chili, but oh so good.

The Theotokos. I may learn to love her as I never knew was possible. It occurred to me today, as friends wait for the Comforter, having lost a spiritual father, that we feel so orphaned when our spiritual parents repose, but our spiritual mother, Mary, has already crossed the divide. What hope to know that is what happens with our reposed parents as well.

Sleepy boys who lean their heads on my shoulder in Vespers.

Good books.

Getting a few things done. I shouldn't love being productive over being at peace. I probably don't but it does keep me from melancholic shennanigans.

Warm ovens. They give me the fuzzies.

My husband, with his eyes like acorns, his beard like maple bark, his pine nut skin, strength and solidness, reaching up to heaven.

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