Sunday, January 13, 2013

And, For the Record

I've taken a some dust and smoke, deservedly, these past months, for my stress level. It's affected my husband and kids most and they have been patient with me. It's the friends, peripheral folks in my life, who God has used like prophets to warn me. I probably should have called one last night. I parented badly, corrected it even more poorly, gave up and went to bed. This morning, I have to drive to Pennsylvania. You know where that is, right? For me, turn right and drive straight through the Slough of Despond and stop at the Castle of Diffidence.

And, when I get in my car on Thursday, I take the second star to the east and straight on till morning. Literally, though, it will be late at night, but my youthful joy will be getting home.

Before I go off:
1. Thank you to my husband, who was warned by me in waking hours, of this dark side, for marrying me anyway.
2. Thank to my husband for being the first to apologize, to give and forgive, in nearly every disagreement we've ever had.
3. Thank you to my husband for trying to reduce the sphere of what I need to worry about and care for, so I don't lose my wits as often I might.
4. Thank you to my husband for not pointing out my petty mistakes and silly errors, but quietly covering over my many indignities and sins.
5. Thank you to my husband for doing a whole of little upkeeps that I forget to stop and notice, like so many roses and daisies God grows along the path.

Thank you to my daughter
6. for noticing this little experiment is helping with some joy in spite of pain.
7. for being a piece of mercy when things are tough and maturing into such a lovely woman.
8. for taking care to be and do your best, without checking your weight, your skin, your class ranking, the name brand on your clothes, and make/model of cars, phones and technology in our house.
9. for trying a bit of something, painting, cooking, newspaper writing, science, literature, to find yourself.
10. for being responsible, self-sustaining, and being able to call your Mamaw, aunts, and older/younger folks some of your closest friends.

Thank you to my son
11. for laughing at my potty jokes, petty jokes and silly puns.
12. for loving to play outside so much. It's a great world out there.
13. for trying to do the honorable thing and not play video games during media breaks, even if you are at your friends and they are playing.
14. for your love of reading and books. It's so fun for me to share with you and your sister!
15. for really getting better at the chores because I asked and not because it's just oodles of fun.

I will miss you.

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