Wednesday, January 2, 2013

30 Thanksgivings

I'm treading between two notebook computers, a treadmill, workday and finishing more on my Grandma's book.

Today, I am thankful that:

  1. The snow out back is clean and I can make my snowcones with a quick scoop. It's silly, but I love snowcones and eat them daily.
  2. The work week started out measurably, with lots of reflective and learning time.
  3. Doctors were more accommodating today than I expected, since my son needs a doctor, and right away, after three years without one. 
  4. The sun is shining, even though that makes it much colder outside.
  5. I have friends who can help me vet healthcare providers!
  6. My daughter leaned her head on her dad's shoulder as they watched "Once"together last night.
  7. My son Liam loves legos! They really are the greatest toys.
  8. My daughter still trusts me with the big stuff.
  9. I can cook some pretty delish stuff without a cookbook and on a shoestring budget--- curried red lentils with peas, sweet potatoes, apples, onion and garlic is great.
  10. I have two mix cd's and a new Joel Henderson CD to get to know well before Feb. 7.
  11. Oranges. They taste so good.
  12. I'm learning to recognize great writing technique, not just for readability.
  13. My tea from Amazon was produced locally. Local food is best.
  14. Garlic, cumin and ginger. 
  15. Telling my daughter she should think about being a counselor or therapist was not off-putting to her.

My husband posted this last night and I have a long long way to go:

The harshest form of covetousness is not even to give things perishable to those who need them. “But whom do I treat unjustly,” you say, “by keeping what is my own?” Tell me, what is your own? What did you bring into this life? From where did you receive it? It is as if someone were to take the first seat in the theater, then bar everyone else from attending, so that one person alone enjoys what is offered for the benefit of all-this is what the rich do. They first take possession of the common property, and then they keep it as their own because they were the first to take it. But if every man took only what sufficed for his own need, and left the rest to the needy, no one would be rich, no one would be poor, no one would be in need. ~ St. Basil the Great

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