Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Top Ten This Time

Just a few days before Forgiveness Sunday, which goes with St. Patrick's Feast Day this year.
By Rameshng (Own work)
[CC-BY-SA-3.0via Wikimedia Commons
I haven't posted on a number of awesome "Gratitudes"--

1. Two days of no stress (and no writing), to do simple things, like grocery shopping and planting.
2. Summer Scallop Squash is started.
 Scallops, which Fr. Theophan, served as baby squash in pesto sauce with roasted peppers, etc, and pasta for a few wives' dinners at St. Tikhon's. 
3. Zucchini Squash is started.
 I love to make "chips" of fresh, thin-sliced zucchini for bean dips and salsas. My local mexican restaurant lets me carry in fresh zucchinis, which I slice to scoop up the complimentary salsa.
I also love to grate these, saute in 1t of ghee, put on imitation almond extract, stevia and so delicious coconut creamer. In non-lenten times, I add egg whites.
4. Heirloom Tomatoes are started.
I have been cutting up tomatoes, spraying with my mix of 2/3 olive oil (I use unfiltered extra virgin oil) with 1/3 water in a sprayer, with fresh ground smoked peppercorns available here (, and smoked applewood salt with balsamic vinegar. A sprinkle of rosemary needles crushed between my fingers, and a splash or two of good balsamic vinegar.
5. The smell of rosemary I crushed between my palms.
6. Teaching my son the mysteries beans.
White beans easily grind into the base of many of our favorite cakes and breads, replacing the flour and increasing protein. This was a handy dandy "learn" just before Lent. Now, what to use in place of ghee (the de-lactosed butter that tastes like a piece of heaven). I use a ground flax seed  2T soaked in water 4T to make the egg replacer. I used cream of tartar and soda with a 1t of apple cider vinegar to raise it. Add vinegar just before pouring into the pan. A good cake recently has been
Preheat oven to 350! Very important.
30 ounces butter beans, drained, rinsed and blended
4 eggs (or egg replacer)
1/3 ghee (or dairy free earth balance)
1.5 t baking soda
1 c xylitol
1T imitation almond flavoring
2t imitation fruit flavoring (if you like)
1t cream of tartar
1t cider vinegar
Blend all ingredients except the vinegar in the blender or food processors until creamy.
Pour batter into pan and then add your vinegar. Dropping in chopped nuts or chopped apples, dates, or cinnamon and cloves  is a good way to throw in variety.
Bake at 350 (preheat your oven!) in a greased loaf or cake pan.
Bake until the sides just start to pull way from the pan and a toothpick comes out clean. For Bundts, about 45-50 minutes. For 9x13" 35-45 minutes, and for thin sheet cakes or cupcakes, much less.

7. In unrelated to food news, I am so thankful for a day to celebrate my students. The threat to funding in Pennsylvania meant asking students for stories of success to take to the capitol. I have students who are earning huge scholarships, publishing books, self-publishing, graduating college with high honors, students who have done extensive missions trips, etc. It's so wonderful.
8. I have ideas to rid myself of more junk. I'm thankful for this. Sometimes, I don't have that vision and I just die.
9. I feel almost ready to start running again. I can jog through the cold into the grocery store. No pain. Soon, I feel miles under my feet.
10. We've had a family dinner at least once a week recently. Ah.... Nice.
It's the little things.


  1. Do you grind dry beans or canned beans?

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